Wake Forest Fixed Annuity

Welcome to the home for Wake Forest fixed index annuity experts. We are Strategic Retirement Solutions and we provide our clients with insurance and financial services that are designed to help them grow and protect their wealth so that they can achieve their retirement goals.

Annuities are one such tool that we use to help our clients safely grow their money. We can walk you through the many benefits that come with a fixed, fixed indexed or variable annuity in Wake Forest NC and we can also discuss with you the merits of income annuities.

Understanding the different types of annuities

There are three different types of annuities that are designed to grow your money. Let’s start by walking you through the differences between variable, fixed index and fixed annuities in Wake Forest NC.

  • A Wake Forest variable annuity is one that hinges on the performance of stocks and mutual funds. That means you can make significant gains in your money but also absorb any losses that come with a market downturn or recession. Investors with more tolerance for risk often are drawn to a variable annuity in Wake Forest NC.
  • Then, we have a Wake Forest fixed index annuity. These annuities protect you from losses in the event of a downturn or recession. If the market tanks, you’ll simply make 0 percent on your money, which is far better than losing hundreds or thousands of dollars. A fixed index annuity in Wake Forest NC also caps return on investment.
  • Finally, SRS Inc. also offers fixed annuities. This means that you lock in to a certain rate of return and you can plan on getting it irregardless of how the markets perform.

As a whole, growth annuities give you the opportunity for significant growth while minimizing the risk that comes with single stocks or mutual funds.

Interested in Wake Forest annuity income?

SRS Inc. also offers income annuities. Ours is called the Guaranteed Life Income annuity. This provides annuity income in Wake Forest NC throughout the entire duration of your retirement.

Many folks are worried about outliving their retirement and seeing their nest egg run dry while they’re still alive. With an income annuity, you never have to worry about that.

At SRS Inc., we pair annuities with various types of insurance policies to create a comprehensive approach to growing and protecting your wealth. One of our agents would love to sit down with you and craft a plan that is uniquely your own.

Learn more about what a Wake Forest fixed index annuity can do for you. Connect with SRS Inc. right now for a free consultation.