Taking The Fear Away

Insurance and Religion; they have one very powerful thing in common.

They Take The Fear Away.  No one else can say those words.

My mission, my motto, my statement that I stand by with all sincerity and devotion is “I take the fear out of the financial consequences of traumatic life events”.

It is a powerful statement.  One that we should wear as a badge of honor.  To know that we can truly take the fear away and to not do everything in our power to make that a reality in everyone we come in contact with is negligent in the least and unethical in my opinion.  We owe it to our clients and potential clients to do everything in our power to remove that fear.  It is our calling and our mission.

By my action or inaction a widow or widower will be able to keep their home or lose it.  Kids will find themselves provided for or possibly be in foster care.  Families will remain together or be torn apart.  People will keep their dignity or lose it.  Seniors will stay retired or be forced to go back to work.  Having excess, having a great college plan, those and more are great goals that I help people strive for.  But how many people out there are gambling those dreams on the hopes that bad things won’t happen.  How many agents and financial advisors are helping clients with the “glamorous” bits and neglecting the necessities because it isn’t as sexy.

To people outside of the financial services I say this:  Goals and dreams are what we strive for everyday for the sake of ourselves, our families, and others we care for.  Work with someone whose can “take the fear of potentially not reaching those goals away”.  Make those goals a certainty by guaranteeing they will happen even if something bad happens along the way.

To other agents I say this:  If this field is your passion you must make taking the fear away your first and only priority.  Maybe you’re already doing it or need to reevaluate.  Self reflection can be a very good thing.  It gives perspective.  If you’re working in this field as a job, then GET OUT.  People’s futures are at play here and there is no room for people who have no true drive to become a true career professional in this field and put their clients needs and goals above all others.

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