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We Offer a Wide Array of Services. Below are Some of them.

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Income Replacement

You are your most valuable asset. During your working years, your ability to earn income is what makes a financially secure future possible. Income Replacement guarantees that you will continue to earn a paycheck at times when you are physically or mentally unable to work. It also guarantees that if you pass away during your working years, others who count on your income to live will continue to receive a paycheck up until the day you would have retired.

College Planning

On average, the current cost is $42,651 per year per child for a four year private school, and $19,907 per year per child for a four year in state public school. There are many strategies and methods to help minimize the burden of paying for college, but not all are equal. Before deciding on a course of action, it is always wise to review each plan type in order to fully understand which one benefits your situation most.

Retirement Planning

There are two fears that dominate retirement planning; “will I ever be able to retire” and “will I run out of money in retirement”. While a proper retirement plan will include multiple moving parts, there is one thought that MUST supersede all others; “A PLAN THAT IS NOT GUARANTEED IS NOT A PLAN AT ALL, IT IS A LOTTERY”. A proper plan will guarantee an income in retirement that will never run out.

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Legacy Planning

Leaving your loved ones with something that they can use to maximize their financial situation through a method that will instill in them a constant remembrance of you. Whether it be a lump sum that you wish to leave, an income stream for a set number of years, or an account that will allow them to contribute to themselves at a tax advantaged status, this is a powerful tool that is used to help the next generation achieve financial success.

Final Expenses

The average funeral today costs $8,000-$12,000. Financially preparing for this expense is imperative. There are a number of ways to prepare, and depending on income and budget, there are a few very easy and economical ways. In addition to the financial expenses, you should always have a proper plan in place that will ensure expedient disbursal of funds and the Emergency Contact Service in place.

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Business Planning

This is a complicated animal, but one that when handled efficiently and effectively is the key to a successful business. Proper planning involves asking yourself many questions. What happens when I am ready to retire? When do I plan to sell my business? Can my business continue to operate if I am unable to work? How do I keep my top employee? There are many more questions that need to be asked, answered, and prepared for. Above all, there is one question you need to ask yourself, “what keeps me up at night?” Once answered, that is the first issue to address.

Group Products & Group Retirement Plans

If a paycheck gets an employee, then it’s the benefits options that keep them. Sometimes it makes sense to pay for your employees’ benefits, but in today’s world that may be economically unfeasible. With most plan out, by simply endorsing a plan, your employees will be guaranteed coverage and participation at substantially discounted rates over individual plans. The options are nearly endless and include Life Insurance, Disability Insurance, Dental and Vision Insurance, 401K Plans, Accident & Critical Illness Plans.

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