Raleigh Fixed Index Annuity

Welcome to Strategic Retirement Solutions, Inc., your trusted annuity experts.  There are four common types of annuities.  Three types are used for growing your money: Fixed Index, Fixed, and Variable.  The fourth, an Income annuity, is used to create a guaranteed income for your entire lives.

Our clients come to us, many of them not knowing the difference between a fixed and variable annuity in Raleigh NC. Or, they tend to have questions about other aspects of annuities they have heard on the Internet or other advisors. We’re ready to help you learn about these effective financial products and provide you with insight on which one might benefit you and your goals the most while matching your age and risk tolerance.

Providing Raleigh Fixed Index Annuity experts

Most people as they get older don’t want to inherit a lot of risk when it comes to growing their retirement money. That’s why a Raleigh Fixed Index Annuity through SRS Inc. is such an attractive option.  Within a year, you can benefit from the potential growth in the market while having no risk of any loss.  Not to mention potential bonuses included.  A timeframe is required with adequate no-penalties withdrawals in case of emergencies.

Providing Fixed Annuities in Raleigh NC

The easiest way to understand Fixed Annuities is that they behave similar to a bank CD, but with higher interest.  For example, when you purchase a fixed annuity at 3.5 percent for five years, you can plan on that money growing by 3.5 percent each year over five years. You don’t have to worry about a volatile market, and helps you grow your money at a far greater rate than by sticking it in a traditional money market account.

Are you considering a Variable Annuity in Raleigh NC?

Instead of providing a guaranteed rate on your return, a Raleigh variable annuity goes up and down with whatever markets or funds where it is invested.  You’re actually buying stock. This means that you reap 100 percent of the growth of your variable annuity but also are responsible for 100 percent of the losses.

Income Annuities experts in Raleigh NC

If you are interested in guaranteed annuity income in Raleigh NC for life, we are experts on Income Annuities.  If you are worried that you are going to outlive your nest egg, an Income Annuity might be right for you.

Consult with SRS Inc. about annuities

One of our advisors would love to talk to you about what an annuity could do for your financial plan. Whether a Raleigh fixed index annuity, fixed annuity, variable annuity, or income annuity is right for you and your goals, SRS has the expertise to make sure you get the right solution. We’re ready to tailor solutions for you to fall in line with your unique goals and situation. Get started now.  Contact us today!