Stephen Y. Arella

With fewer and fewer companies offering a true pension plan, almost everyone needs to have a personal pension plan for retirement. I specialize in helping young individuals and families create a retirement plan and 50+ clients to protect their retirement from market fluctuations.

My background is in Environmental Engineering, historic property redevelopment, teaching, and construction.  After 30+ years in the engineering world, I started my second career as an independent agent in the health and life insurance industry 8 years ago.  My technical background helps me to understand the complexities of the insurance products and my time as an adjunct professor at Manhattan College has taught me how to simplify the complex into concepts that anybody can understand.  One of the defining goals of our SRS team is to “keep it simple”

I have a number of short blogs on my LinkedIn site that may provide some useful information:

  • My Stocks are Losing Money – What should I do?
  • Who’s Afraid of Retirement Planning?
  • Time to Rethink Our Investment Strategies Because of Current Market Trends
  • National Insurance Awareness Month – Debunking the “Buy term and Invest the Difference Myth”
  • September is Life Insurance Awareness Month

One of the other things I offer all of my clients is a Life Goals analysis and personalized report that includes planning for Life Insurance, College Funding, Budgeting, Emergency Funds, Major Purchases, Retirement, and Long-Term Care.  It’s free and there is no obligation to buy anything.  I believe that everyone should have a financial game plan even if they can’t afford to execute it right away.