Delphine Sealy

My name is Delphine Sealy. Mother of two daughters and wife for 28 years. Being  married 28 years is a feat in itself but I have to say I’m most proud of my girls. My oldest is a UNC Chapel Hill Pogue Scholar and my youngest is a MSBA honor student at Enloe HS.  They work hard and I hope they learned by my example. I work hard, not only to provide for them, but to show them by example what it means to put in an honest day’s work. Being a mom was natural for me as I am inclined to serve and teach.

I bring these same attributes to the financial services field. Growing up with meager means, I was always fascinated with how some families fared so well financially while others struggled. I was also shown by my mother good work ethics. I put myself through college while working at Salomon Brothers and eventually moved up to the trading floor. I believed that this was the ideal way to accumulate wealth. It wasn’t until going through several market crashes and seeing so many people lose not only their life savings, but their pensions as well, that I learned protecting one’s earnings is as vital as accumulating it. ?So today, my mission is to ensure that my clients learn various ways to protect their hard day’s work and grow wealth in the process. Let’s put a plan in place for you too.