Morrisville Fixed Index Annuity

Market downturns and prolonged economic recessions don’t have to take a toll on your investments — Strategic Retirement Solutions will show you how you can protect your wealth from these factors through a Morrisville fixed index annuity.

At SRS Inc., we have worked with many clients, helping them to create retirement plans that put them in a good financial spot in the golden years of their lives. Many of our clients are worried about their retirement nest eggs when the markets start to plummet.

A fixed index annuity in Morrisville NC — and other types of annuities — are a great way to untie your wealth from how the markets are performing. SRS Inc. will show you how to grow your wealth with absolutely zero risk of losing money.

Learn about a fixed index, fixed and variable annuity in Morrisville NC

When it comes to annuities, there are two types: Growth and income.

Growth annuities come in three forms:

  • Fixed index annuities
  • Fixed annuities
  • Variable annuities

While a Morrisville fixed index annuity caps your rate of return, it also ensures you never lose money, even during a market downturn. A Morrisville variable annuity is different, however.

A variable annuity does not cap your return on investment — if the market is hot, you can grow your money at a strong rate. However, because your money is tied into stocks and mutual funds, you are at risk for losses when the market takes a turn for the worse.

A variable annuity in Morrisville NC is a lot like a 401(k)-type of investment. However, you can also choose fixed annuities in Morrisville NC. This is where you sign up for a guaranteed rate of return, and it will deliver regardless of how the markets perform.

Explore the concept of Morrisville annuity income

Aside from those three types of growth annuities, you can also benefit from annuity income in Morrisville NC. This is where an annuity stretches a sum of money out and provides you with a steady income throughout your ENTIRE retirement. You don’t have to fear outliving your retirement, which is unfortunately quite common.

This is just a crash course on annuities – one of our seasoned agents can work with you to explain them further and help you pick the right one. Get started now by connecting with SRS Inc. and talking to us about a Morrisville fixed index annuity and our other financial products/services.