Garner Fixed Index Annuity

When it comes to effective wealth building, you need to both grow your money and protect it — and a Garner fixed index annuity might be the perfect financial product for your retirement plan.

Here at SRS Inc., we offer both insurance and financial services for our clients to help set them on a path to the ideal retirement. We use annuities to help you grow money and we can teach you about a fixed, fixed indexed or variable annuity in Garner NC.

These three annuities grow your money — but they do it in different ways. Here’s the difference.

  • A fixed index annuity in Garner NC puts a cap on the rate your money can grow but it also guarantees no losses, even due to a market downturn or recession. At the very worst, you will make no gain on your money, while many traditional investments would plummet alongside the market. Talk to our team about the other great features associated with a Garner fixed index annuity.
  • Fixed annuities in Garner NC (similar name, but they’re different) deliver a consistent rate of return on your investment — no more and no less. This means you get a predictable outcome but sometimes can’t grow your money as quickly as with the other types of annuities.
  • Finally, we can talk to you about a variable annuity in Garner NC. This is an annuity where you can suffer losses when the stocks and mutual funds you are invested in take a dip. With a Garner variable annuity, there is no limit on how quickly you can gain or lose your money.

On top of growth annuities, SRS Inc. provides Garner annuity income. Income annuities are those that stretch a large sum of money over a long period of time.

With annuity income in Garner NC, you never have to worry about outliving your retirement (something that happens to a variety of people). After all, your strongest wealth-building tool is your income.

Get started now by consulting with SRS Inc.

At SRS Inc., we pair annuities with various types of insurance policies in order to create a plan that grows AND protects your wealth.

Let’s talk it through — we want you to achieve your wealth building goals. Connect with SRS Inc. and talk to us about what a Garner fixed index annuity — or other type of annuity — can do for your retirement plan.