Durham Fixed Index Annuity

If you want to grow your money more effectively than you can with a traditional solutions such as savings account, IRAs, and CDs, then we invite you to connect with Strategic Retirement Solutions and learn about the benefits of a Durham fixed index annuity.

A fixed index annuity has a built-in floor and ceiling. This floor is 0 percent return on your investment, which means that, even in the worst of market conditions, you will never lose money. A fixed index annuity in Durham NC is something that many of our clients opt for because they like the prospect of growing their money more aggressively but don’t like the risk that comes with a potential market downturn or recession.

The team at SRS Inc. can field your questions and concerns about a Durham fixed index annuity and whether or not it might be right for you. Our team at SRS Inc. also specializes in the other three forms of annuities, including:

  • Variable annuities: A variable annuity in Durham NC is more akin to an IRA and performs based on the stocks and mutual funds that it’s invested in. This means, with a Durham variable annuity, you can benefit from higher gains but are also at risk of experiencing losses, too.
  • Fixed annuities: Fixed annuities in Durham NC are a picture of predictability when it comes to your investments. When you invest in one of these annuities, you lock in at a certain rate of return and you’re going to get that return regardless of how good or bad the stock market might be performing.
  • Income annuities: While the other types of annuities are for growing your money, a Durham annuity income is designed to spread out your money into a consistent, predictable income throughout the entire course of your retirement. Through annuity income in Durham NC, you never have to worry about outliving your retirement.

Whether through a variable annuity in Durham NC or another type, growing your money is crucial in meeting your retirement goals. The career advisors at SRS Inc. are ready to work closely with you to select the appropriate annuity and also implement various types of insurance policies to protect your wealth at the same time.

We’re devoted to tailoring a retirement plan specifically for you. Get started now — we’re ready to walk you through the benefits of a Durham fixed index annuity and more.