Chapel Hill Fixed Index Annuity

Growing your money is one of the most crucial aspects of reaching your retirement goals, and you can achieve exactly that with a Chapel Hill fixed index annuity.

In fact, here at Strategic Retirement Solutions, we specialize in all four types of annuities and can help you implement them into your retirement plan. Three of these annuities are designed to grow your money while another is effective in providing a stable, predictable retirement income that you cannot outlive.

While our agents can walk you through the finer points of each type of annuity, the following is a brief rundown of each.

  • A fixed index annuity in Chapel Hill NC ensures that, regardless how the markets perform, you will never lose money. That’s music to the ears of many of our clients that don’t want to suffer  the risk that comes with stock-based investing. Your Chapel Hill fixed index annuity lets you grow your moneyquicker than some other financial solutions with no risk.
  • A variable annuity in Chapel Hill NC is different in the fact that you can lose money but you can also grow your money without any upper limit. A Chapel Hill variable annuity is tied directly to stocks and mutual funds, and will ebb and flow accordingly.
  • Fixed annuities in Chapel Hill NC are the third and final type of growth annuity. With this type of annuity, you can lock into a certain rate of return and you will get it — no more and no less.
  • SRS Inc. can also provide you with Chapel Hill annuity income through our Guaranteed Life Income annuity. Through this service, you are able to stretch your money out through the duration of your retirement to collect a predictable, consistent income, like you would with a pension. With annuity income in Chapel Hill NC, you never have to worry about outliving your retirement.

Which of these fits best with your wealth building strategy? A variable annuity in Chapel Hill NC for the prospect of higher returns? A fixed annuity for the predictability and stability?

The team at SRS Inc. can go over it with you and help you pick one that aligns with your needs and personal retirement strategy.

Schedule a consultation and let’s talk about it. We’d love to walk you through the many benefits of a Chapel Hill fixed index annuity and the other annuities we offer. Contact us today!