Cary Fixed Index Annuity

Have you explored the many financial benefits associated with a Cary fixed index annuity? Do you know the difference between the four different types of annuities?

Here at Strategic Retirement Solutions, we work with many different clients who don’t know much about annuities, but soon find out that they are one of the most effective components of their wealth building journey to retirement.

From outfitting you with a variable annuity in Cary NC, which acts much like a 401(k), to giving you something predictable, like a fixed annuity, the team at SRS Inc. will tailor your solutions to fit your risk tolerance and needs.

Grow your wealth with fixed index, variable and fixed annuities in Cary NC

Growth annuities are responsible for growing your money at a higher rate than money market accounts or traditional CDs. Through a fixed or fixed index annuity in Cary NC, you are able to grow your money while protecting it from losses. Even if the stock market plunges into a market downturn or recession, you will not lose a dime with either one of these types of annuities.

A Cary variable annuity, on the other hand, is different. This is a classic “higher risk/higher reward” scenario. Variable annuities are not capped in their rate of return but they hinge on the performance of stocks, which means you can experience catastrophic losses.

If you have questions about a Cary fixed index annuity — and the other growth annuities — the team at SRS Inc. can discuss with you concerningyour needs and preferences and help you make the right choice.

SRS Inc. offers Cary annuity income

Income annuities are another type of insurance product that are designed to provide an income for your entire retirement no matter how long you live.

Through our Guaranteed Lifetime Income Annuity, SRS Inc. can offer you annuity income in Cary NC that allows you to continue to have an income throughout your retirement. You don’t have to worry about outliving your retirement.

Many clients who don’t have pensions but want guaranteed income, gravitate to this personal pension annuity option. It keeps money flowing in monthly no matter what is happening in the stock market.

Consult with SRS Inc. Whether you’re looking for a Cary fixed index annuity, or any of our wide range of financial services, the career advisors on our team are ready to help. Get started by connecting with us right now!