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Achieving Success (Through The Eyes of a Boater)


You know, if it weren't for need of accomplishments, being successful wouldn't be so hard. Growing up, and even now, I enjoy watching boats going about their business on the water.  Some days the water is calm, no wind, and the tides slack leaving the boats to go wherever they…


Taking The Fear Away


Insurance and Religion; they have one very powerful thing in common. They Take The Fear Away.  No one else can say those words. My mission, my motto, my statement that I stand by with all sincerity and devotion is "I take the fear out of the financial consequences of traumatic…


What Makes You The Best???


Isn't that the big question?  Regardless of the industry or field you are in, that question applies.  Maybe with a slight re-wording, the arrogance of the question can be removed and truly allow all of us to step back and take an honest look.  So, what CAN make you the best? I've…