Apex Life Insurance Retirement Plan

Through the Apex life insurance and retirement plan services from Strategic Retirement Solutions, you can gain an extensive knowledge of the types of life insurance and how they are best implemented in your overall wealth building and retirement plans.

Partnering with Apex life insurance companies to build wealth

When it comes to building wealth and saving for retirement, it’s important to generate wealth, grow it and also protect it. And, when it comes to protecting it, various forms of insurance are your most effective tool. As one of the top life insurance companies in Apex, NC, we are your partner in helping to choose the plan that works best for you.

At SRS Inc., we’re proud to serve as one of the leading life insurance companies in Apex NC. We recommend two out of the three different types of life insurance. Below, we have provided an outline of each type of life insurance — it’s important to understand how your policy is structured, advantages, and limitations.

  • Accidental death and dismemberment: Unlike some Apex life insurance companies, we do not recommend this type of policy, but it’s important for you to know that AD&D exists. It’s very inexpensive insurance but only provides payouts if a person is killed in an accident.
  • Term: Many clients that work with us to adopt life insurance and retirement plan in Apex NC find that term life insurance works best for them. This is temporary life insurance that covers a certain window of time (terms). These generally come with lower premiums and give the policyholder time to acquire their own wealth so they can eventually self-insure.
  • Permanent (i.e. whole and universal life): If you’re looking for Apex life insurance and a retirement plan that leaves something for the next generation, then permanent policies are often the way to go. They’re lifelong policies that pay out a death benefit and also have a cash value that grows with time.

When you work with SRS Inc. as your choice in life insurance companies in Apex NC, you get the benefits that come with our relationships with the top providers. We’re not beholden to a single provider — we want to help you find the best coverage and for the best price.

Visit our Life Insurance page for more details. Our Life Insurance Calculator conveniently helps you estimate the amount of life insurance you need.

SRS Inc. will help arrange your Apex life insurance and retirement plan. Our team of expert advisors is ready to help you reach your wealth and retirement goals! Contact us today for a free consultation!