Apex Fixed Index Annuity

Welcome to a trusted resource for those looking to learn more about an Apex fixed index annuity — or other annuities that can be used to grow your money or help you generate a steady income throughout the course of your retirement.

We are Strategic Retirement Solutions, and we specialize in working with a long list of clients to put them on the path to the retirement of their dreams. This doesn’t happen by accident, rather, requires extensive planning and solutions that allow them to grow and protect their wealth.

Annuities are one such solution that we lean on heavily, helping our clients learn about the benefits of a fixed, fixed indexed, or variable annuity in Apex NC. Each of them are  different, but some of the benefits of growth annuities include:

  • The chance for steady growth. Annuities are more effective at growing your money than traditional modes of savings. Fixed index and fixed annuities in Apex NC can cap your potential rate for return, but they’re still better solutions than money market accounts, IRAs, or CDs.
  • No risk. When you’re invested in the stock market, your wealth will take a hit during a downturn or recession. A fixed or fixed index annuity in Apex NC protects your money from that — you run no risk of losing money. An Apex variable annuity is one that you can potentially lose money on as it performs in line with the stocks and mutual funds in which it is invested.
  • Whether it’s an Apex fixed index annuity, or other type, most people like predictability and minimal risk in their investments. Fixed Indexed Annuities are received positively by most of our clients and we can show you how they might benefit you on your wealth building journey.

Income annuities are also a valuable retirement tool. SRS Inc. offers Apex annuity income that provides you with a steady, predictable income throughout the course of your retirement. You won’t outlive your retirement.

Your income is your most effective wealth building tool and your annuity income in Apex NC will make sure you’re always earning, whether you’re working or not.

Ask us about an Apex fixed index annuity — and our other types of annuities

A fixed, fixed index, income or variable annuity in Apex NC might be the right solution to help you on your wealth building journey. Consult with one of our agents. Connect with SRS Inc. right now to get started.