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Welcome to the home for trusted Durham Retirement Planners serving the Triangle area in NC. We are Strategic Retirement Solutions, and since 2010, we have been providing a long list of clients with the financial services needed to get them on a solid path to their retirement goals and protecting their family.

A comprehensive retirement plan is about much more than just finding a place to hold your your cash and hope that it makes enough gains over time to reach retirement. A solid plan is one that grows your money as much as possible while also protecting your assets from life’s financially draining circumstances.

At SRS Inc., we have a team of career advisors that will provide insightful retirement financial advice in Durham NC and tailor a comprehensive retirement plan that is built around your personal goals.

Plan to grow your assets

Our Durham financial consultants would love to talk to you about our financial services to grow your assets to support your retirement.  For example, depending on your age and tolerance for risk, annuities may be a key part of your retirement plan. There are four different types of annuities (fixed index, variable, fixed and income), each of which offers its own set of benefits. As your choice in Durham financial advisor firms, we can show you what we would recommend based on what you’re trying to achieve with your wealth building journey.

One of the most redeeming aspects of using annuities as one of your investment vehicles is that our retirement financial advisors in Durham NC can help you find annuities that will outpace traditional savings accounts, IRAs, and CDs while also shielding you from the negative consequences of a market downturn or recession.

You heard that right — we can help you find an annuity that promises you significant gains but eliminates the risk for any losses.

Protect your wealth through our expert Durham retirement financial advice

What would you do if you suffered a career-ending injury and could no longer generate an income? That would deal a significant blow to your retirement plan, right? How about if you suffered a premature death — how would your family get by?  How about needing to provide financial support for long-term care?

These aren’t fun topics to talk about, but they’re important. Our Durham retirement financial advisors can teach you about a variety of insurance policies that will protect your family — and your retirement — when faced with the prospect of major expenses.

Our team can provide you with retirement financial advice in Durham NC when it comes to:

These are just as important as your investments. You need to be able to protect your wealth to keep it intact for retirement.

Consult with the staff at SRS Inc.

Our experienced, knowledgeable Durham retirement financial advisors are ready to help you and determine  your needs. Give us a call and take advantage of a free consultation.  Contact us today!